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It can be difficult to know exactly how to care for someone suffering from dementia and other cognitive impairments. The caregivers at Premier Homecare Services are trained to provide the proper care, while maintaining dignity and respect.

People with dementia have a range of needs that may change over time as the condition progresses. These needs may include:


  1. Support with daily activities: As dementia progresses, individuals may need assistance with activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating. They may also need help with managing their medication and paying bills.

  2. Safety: People with dementia may become confused or disoriented, which can put them at risk for falls or accidents. It is important to make sure their living environment is safe and free of hazards, and to have systems in place to prevent them from wandering off.

  3. Communication: As dementia progresses, individuals may have difficulty with communication. It is important to try to maintain open lines of communication and to use techniques such as visual aids and repetition to help them understand and express themselves.

  4. Emotional support: People with dementia may experience a range of emotions as a result of their condition, including frustration, sadness, and fear. It is important to provide emotional support and to be patient and understanding.

  5. Socialization: People with dementia may become isolated as their condition progresses and they may lose the ability to participate in activities they once enjoyed. It is important to encourage socialization and to provide opportunities for them to engage with others.

  6. Access to medical care: People with dementia may have a range of physical and mental health needs that require medical care. It is important to ensure that they have access to the care they need, including regular check-ups and specialized services such as memory clinics.


Overall, the needs of people with dementia vary widely and depend on the individual and the stage of their condition. It is important to work with a healthcare team and caregivers to identify and meet the specific needs of the individual.

By working with Premier Homecare Services you’ll have peace of mind knowing we are keeping your loved one safe and in a secure environment. Whether they are experiencing Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, sudden-onset dementia, or any other type of cognitive impairment, we can help.

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