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Premier Homecare Services aims to provide the highest quality homecare service to everyone in our care in Ontario. We have trained professional caregivers and homecare assistants who understand the needs of every client. We believe in maintaining transparency and are always ready to answer all your questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to address any queries that you may have related to our services. If these FAQs do not include the information that you are seeking, you can always reach us at any time. We promise to respond to all health care and house care related queries as promptly as we can.

  • Do you have a minimum service requirement?
    Most of our locations have a minimum of two hours per visit. However, they may be flexible depending on your requirements. Please call a location near you for further information.
  • You say that you provide non-medical service. What does that mean? What services can you NOT do?
    We have guidelines that we must follow as a non-medical service provider. Our clients must be ambulatory to a large degree. We can provide very limited help with stabilization and transferring. And, we do not administer medications. We can, however, remind a client when to take his/her medications.
  • How much notice does your office need to start service?
    We can often provide caregivers on an emergency basis within hours but to provide the right fit of caregiver to client, 24 to 48 hours would be appreciated.
  • Does the same caregiver work each visit?
    We make every effort to always send the same caregiver for each visit. We always have backup caregivers if someone is sick or on vacation.
  • What type of records do you keep?
    We maintain a Care Plan Binder in each client’s home, which serves as a communication center for our caregivers and family members.
  • Do you offer 24-7 service?
    Yes, we do. Visit our 24/7 services section to learn more.
  • Do you provide services in care facilities and hospitals?
    Yes, we do. We have many clients in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities.
  • Do you offer service at night or overnight? Expand
    Yes, we offer overnight service. There are two types of shifts and the level of care is dependent upon the client’s requirements. The first is a “sleep shift” which offers comfort that we are available if the client wakes and needs assistance. The second choice is that our caregiver is awake and alert at all times. The choice is yours!
  • Are your services covered by Long Term Care Insurance?
    Some long-term care policies do have provisions to pay benefits for our services. However, it is important to obtain verification that these services will be covered before service begins.
  • Who pays caregivers and handles the taxes?
    We pay the caregivers and handle all of the payroll and administrative responsibilities.
  • What do your people do in the event of an emergency?
    We train our staff in emergency policies and procedures. In the event of an obvious emergency, our caregivers call 911, secure the environment to avoid further injury and then notify the office. Family members/emergency contacts are contacted immediately by the office.

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