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About Us

​​The Future of Homecare

Stephen Harmer

President of Premier Homecare Services Canada

“Becoming involved with a homecare service was a natural transition for me. Throughout my adult life I’ve always been drawn to helping others and interacting with people”.

Our Vision

We envision a homecare revolution, a future where private homecare providers, led by Premier Homecare Services, cooperate seamlessly with not-for-profit, public organizations and professionals to provide widely accessible, self-directed and liberating in-homecare services across the social continuum.

Our Vision


We must conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the contracts we enter, the claims we make, and the general conduct expected of a professional. We will keep our promises.


We will take steps to ensure all stakeholders are given means to have their voice heard and valued in decision-making processes. We will listen.


While we aspire to become an industry-leading homecare service provider, we do so with a sense of humility, and an understanding that the communities and professional networks in which we operate house the true agents of our success. We will get involved in our communities.


We will act in an ethical, moral and responsible manner in all our interactions.


The safety of our clients and our employees is our top priority. We will task ourselves with implementing the appropriate systems and processes that will ensure a safe environment.

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