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! Covid-19 Updates

Our top priority is to help seniors age comfortably and safely in their place of residence.

In this time of great uncertainty, we understand that strict adherence to the guidelines set out by the Ministry Health is the best way to keep those in our community safe. As such, we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent risk of exposure and ensure the safety of families and their caregivers.


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Premier Homecare Services aims to provide the highest quality homecare service to everyone in our care in Ontario. We have trained professional caregivers and homecare assistants who understand the needs of every client. We believe in maintaining transparency and are always ready to answer all your questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to address any queries that you may have related to our services. If these FAQs do not include the information that you are seeking, you can always reach us at any time. We promise to respond to all health care and house care related queries as promptly as we can.

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