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Stephen Harmer

Stephen Harmer
President of Premier Homecare
Services Canada

“Home care is something I truly believe in.” Steve's first experience with this line of work came out of necessity when his mother-in-law was first diagnosed a few years ago. Along with his wife, the team quickly became very familiar with Alzheimer's and dementia, volunteering and taking courses whenever they could to improve their knowledge.

During this time, Steve was drawn into the very real satisfaction of helping people who need it most. Whether it's in the form of a terminal illness or just helping someone until they make a full recovery from an injury, being able to provide home care was the spark Steve needed to inquire about owning a Premier Homecare Services location.

“Becoming involved with a home care service was a natural transition for me. Throughout my adult life I've always been drawn to helping others and interacting with people”. This mentality, coupled with Steve's extensive business experience, fit right in with the strong network of support among all the franchises across Canada. He is able to learn from what has worked well for others, while at the same time share his own management experiences with those around him. “I’m very grateful to have found a career path I'm excited about, and that has been very rewarding.” And we’re excited to have him on the Premier team.

We recognize that among the elderly, people with disabilities and new mothers, there is a growing desire - albeit, an increasing need - to receive respectful and liberating self-directed care at home, wherever home is.

Company Goals

  • To be a leading service provider for seniors and others who are in need of assistance.
  • To be the home care specialists in Alzheimer's, dementia and live-in care, providing these services consistently better than any of our competitors.
  • To grow the company, while remaining committed to personalized attention and provide helpful community-based information and services.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help seniors remain in their own home as long as possible. We seek to improve the quality of senior life through dependable, caring service and thereby protect the dignity of seniors amid the decline of their physical and mental faculties. We further commit ourselves to assist the families of seniors, who struggle with their complex responsibilities while caring for elder parents or relatives.

Our Vision

We envision a home care revolution, a future where private home care providers, led by Premier Homecare Services, cooperate seamlessly with not-for-profit, public organizations and professionals to provide widely accessible, self-directed and liberating in-home care services across the social continuum.

Accountability – We must conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the contracts we enter, the claims we make, and the general conduct expected of a professional. We will keep our promises.

Communication – We will take steps to ensure all stakeholders are given means to have their voice heard and valued in decision-making processes. We will listen.

Community – While we aspire to become an industry-leading home care service provider, we do so with a sense of humility, and an understanding that the communities and professional networks in which we operate house the true agents of our success. We will get involved in our communities.

Integrity – We will act in an ethical, moral and responsible manner in all our interactions.

Safety – The safety of our clients and our employees is our top priority. We will task ourselves with implementing the appropriate systems and processes that will ensure a safe environment.

Matching the right caregiver(s) to you is a very important decision, and one that we put a lot of emphasis on. This service sets Premier apart from other home care providers. The benefits of caregiver matching are numerous and have a positive effect on you and our caregivers.

Beyond the uniqueness of caregiver matching, we also ensure that we introduce the caregiver to you. This increases your comfort level with starting something new and decreases your anxiety over having a "stranger" come into your home.

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