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From Hospital To Home

You are scheduled for surgery and you don’t know how you will manage.

  • What will you do after the surgery?
  • Who will take you home?
  • Who will be there for you during your recovery?
  • Who will help you around the house as surgery can leave you feeling low on energy or possibly limit your mobility?

When it comes to surgery, planning ahead can ensure a safe and comfortable recovery. We will provide a highly-skilled professional and compassionate caregiver to care for you in your home or wherever your recovery takes place. Our caregivers can even stay with you overnight if necessary.

At Premier Homecare Services, we understand trying to do too much after any kind of surgery could adversely affect recovery time. The best course of action for you or a loved one is to rest, relax and RECOVER.

Let our qualified caregivers help with all the activities of daily living, including round-the-clock application of ice packs, medication reminders, assistance with dressing, bathing and personal care, and much more.

Take a look in our Personal Care section for a more detailed look at how we can help. Don't forget, for special requests or more information, use our Information Request Form.

We will match a caregiver to your needs so you can feel most comfortable while on the mend. Additionally, our caregivers can work with existing medical staff to ensure that the doctor's post-operative care instructions are followed precisely.

Don't need full-time care? Visit our Companionship section and see the difference a little bit of care can make.

Our caregivers will help the patient enjoy the maximum degree of care, comfort and safety while recovering from surgery. In addition to post-operative care, you may also require our help to prepare your home immediately before a medical procedure. The following list will give you an idea of the types of services and assistance we can provide before and after surgery.

If there's something you don't see on the list, please feel free to ask.

  • Personal care (bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming etc.)
  • Light housekeeping (dusting, vacuuming, laundry etc.)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Ice pack treatment for swollen areas
  • Meal preparation and feeding assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • General errands (pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning etc.)
  • Walking assistance
  • Companionship and emotional support

Surgeries can leave people feeling lethargic afterward, so let us help you or your loved one on the way to a speedy recovery.

Have a special request or need more information? Don't forget to use our

Information Request Form

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