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September 20th, 2012
Premier Remains an Industry Leader with Accreditation Canada

Premier Remains an Industry Leader with Accreditation Canada

We’ve been told time and again that we don’t toot our Premier horn nearly enough.  In truth, we do have a lot to be proud of so we thought we’d indulge a little today.

Not many of Canada’s homecare companies are accredited, but we are!

In early 2008, we successfully underwent a comprehensive assessment by Accreditation Canada in order to receive their industry elite standard.  Accreditation is not a one-time assessment; it’s an ongoing process of assessment, communication and effort from our whole team and those at Accreditation Canada. This means we are one of a few homecare agencies in Canada that continue to meet and exceed industry standards.

Why would you settle for anything less than the industry’s best?   

Our excellence has been measured in the 5 key areas of leadership, people, process, information, and performance.  Whether you’re concerned with confidentiality, our treatment of professionally trained employees, or how we communicate and interact with you and your loved ones, you can be confident you’re getting the best service the industry has to offer – our commitment to excel at keeping care and communication personal AND professional.

Accreditation Canada is a non-profit, peer-edited organization that uses a variety of measures to determine whether a company can be granted accreditation. This is the same accreditation that is required for all hospitals in Canada. The process is lengthy and involved, with each careful step steeped in communication and backed by documentation and verification.  We haven’t minded this process, as your peace of mind and the confidence health and homecare industry professionals have placed in us is worth much more.  Accreditation is our way of showing you our continued desire to grow and remain Canada’s Premier Homecare provider.

If you would like to learn more about what our Accreditation means for your family, organization or community, your nearest friendly Care Coordinator would love to speak with you further.  We offer free in-home consultations to show how we can best help meet your current or anticipated needs.  Contact us for more details: 1-877-884-1181.


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