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November 11th, 2016
Letter to the Editor – Remembrance – Honour – Respect

Letter to the Editor – Remembrance – Honour – Respect

One of the major pillars of the Legion is our Poppy and Remembrance Program, which is why it has been a part of our mission statement for more than 90 years.


Through this program, which includes the Poster and Literary contests, an online Teachers’ Guide, the Pilgrimage of Remembrance, the National Silver Cross Mother, the Virtual Wall of Remembrance and Honour, the Presentation of the First Poppy to the Governor General of Canada followed by the Poppy Campaign and Remembrance Day ceremonies, a growing number of Canadians have come to accept Remembrance as a fundamental part of being Canadian.


The overall success of this program over the years, however, is due, in large part, to the support of Legion branches everywhere and the thousands of legionnaire volunteers who believe that honouring Veterans is our duty.


It is that belief that motivates Legionnaires such as Korea War Veteran Alice Milmore who has been helping with the National Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa for more than 30 years.


It is that belief that motivated others such as Syd Pratt from Kelowna, BC who is a 96-year old Second World War Veteran who has been volunteering for the Poppy Campaign for more than 20 years.  In 2015, he alone raised $45K of the total $125K raised by his Legion Branch.


Last year, through the collective efforts, legionnaires everywhere distributed more than 21 million Poppies and supporting materials. From the 2014 campaign financial statements, $17 million was distributed across Canada to Veterans in need.


The Legion Poppy and Remembrance Program is Canada’s preferred method to perpetuate the memory and deeds of past, present and future Veterans and I invite all 36 million Canadians to support this program again this year and wear a Poppy.


Lest we Forget!


Dave Flannigan

Dominion President

The Royal Canadian Legion



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