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June 29th, 2016
Five Quirky Facts About Canada You May Not Know

Five Quirky Facts About Canada You May Not Know


(NC) With three coastlines, six time zones, 10 provinces and three territories spread out over almost 10 million square kilometres, Canada is one of the most geographically diverse nations on earth. We also have one of the most diverse populations. As Canadians prepare for the 2016 Census, it’s worth looking back at some of the

June 21st, 2016
6 Simple Sun-Safety Quick Tips

6 Simple Sun-Safety Quick Tips


(NC) After months of dark, dreary days it’s finally time for some fun in the sun – and for many of us, this could begin with a refresher on how to keep ourselves and our families sun-safe. Preventing sunburn is a well-documented Banana Boat specialty, so take a look at the brand’s six simple steps

June 14th, 2016
3 Indispensable Tips for Seniors on Smartphone Safety

3 Indispensable Tips for Seniors on Smartphone Safety


(NC) Do you remember rotary dials, party lines and payphones? These days, the world is just a touchscreen away. The technology is fascinating but for seniors especially, it’s important to balance convenience with security and privacy precautions. The following three tips will help you enjoy all the benefits smartphones offer, worry free: Be App Safe

June 6th, 2016
You Can Find Joy After Stroke

You Can Find Joy After Stroke


(NC) Stroke inflicts varying degrees of lifestyle changes, impairments and challenges for over 400,000 Canadians each year. The uphill battle faced by stroke patients is different for each survivor, however with the help of specialized medical professionals in the field, the path to recovery is made smoother. Dr. Tania Henriques, a rehabilitation physician based in


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