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March 30th, 2012
Helpful Hints to Encourage Elderly to Eat

Helpful Hints to Encourage Elderly to Eat

We are what we eat, and eating a well-balanced diet high in nutritional value, fiber and immune-supporting antioxidants is essential to us all, but even more so as we age. Yet, eating becomes less something we enjoy and more a chore as we get older. There are many reasons for this. Eating alone just doesn’t

March 21st, 2012
A Fraud Prevention Plan Protects Elderly

A Fraud Prevention Plan Protects Elderly

Older adults are often targeted for fraud because they seem less savvy to scams, are perhaps more vulnerable, and are generally more polite. Elder fraud is thought to be one of the most under-reported crimes, which is probably due to the embarrassment that comes with reporting. March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada and time

March 5th, 2012
Pharmacists Prescribing Medications?

Pharmacists Prescribing Medications?

Pharmacists enjoy an enviable reputation among Canada’s leading professionals. We continually rank them high on the list of professionals who are trustworthy. Now their role is changing. As recognition of the expertise of pharmacists grows, there seems to be an acceptance of their expanded role – suggests the results of a study completed by Jason


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